Hey! I am Nikita Lakhiani. Let me walk you through the journey of me becoming a writer!

As a kid…

I am yet to recall the date I embarked on my writing journey.


Because I was knitting stories on my vacation, penning down my thoughts on sleepless nights, and day-dreaming.

And I’ve been obsessed with words. Words on the billboard, on product description, and those succulent taglines!

Right after I graduated

I traveled a career path that wasn’t meant for me. That was not just who I am. I’m creative—someone who does not fit into a box and someone who can bring things to life with words

How did I discover this?

One of my initial online publications was quora—a question-answer platform. There, my readers told me: “your words motivate me.”

There was nothing more beautiful than writing that i’d experienced.

I wondered: “what if I could do this for my life and earn a living?”

*Spree search begins on google*

I discovered writing was very much a career, and my passion could not be more ecstatic.


I worked as a full-time writer with a marketing agency and tried my hands on various writing forms.

From youtube description to social media copies, and pr to software reviews, I tested many waters.

At the same time, I learned and executed the nitty-gritty of SEO.


I’ve since worked with agencies, startups, and individuals.

Today my expertise is:

  • Writing in-depth research-driven content 
  • Matching the style and tone of the brand
  • Optimizing my content for search engines
  • Simplify complex products and services into snackable content
  • Generating ideas that fuel your content marketing

Along with this, I have written extensively for:

  • Marketing, b2b companies, and local businesses
  • Real estate niche
  • Saas companies

I am also open to writing various forms of content and niche–that’s how I am exploring what I’m best at. 

After all — success is milestones and not a single destination. 

I would love for you to connect with me on LinkedIn and twitter.