Get content that speaks to your audience and communicates your message clearly

You’ve got an awesome product and deep expertise in the niche. You need an equally awesome content that reflects the same


Hi! I'm Nikita, A Freelance Copywriter

I write copies that:

  • Is based on your customers’ voice and proven-methods
  • Educate your readers about your offerings
  • Persuade them to say YES

You see, copywriting is not about flipping some words on the screen.

It’s about researching what the readers are interested in, writing content that addresses the pain points, and leaving them with a solution.

My specialisation is writing long-form content, SEO copywriting, and website copywriting.

I Write Content TO connect, educate and cheer readers to take action

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Educate your audience and enhance your brand’s presence online. Plus, achieve visibility on Google.

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Website Copywriting

Nail your branding and messaging with Content that tells the audience clearly about YOUR business. 


Social Media Content

Stop scrolls with content that not just makes a promise but also cheers your audience to take action.

What My Clients are Saying


Nikita is really a highly skilled content writer. If someone is looking for a quality content, I would recommend Nikita who is great in writing highly researched quality content. Apart from that, she delivers the content on time which I like the most as meeting deadlines is one of the challanging task when working with clients.

Renu Sharma


Content Manager


Very happy with the quality and style of Nikita’s writing. She is able to mould her writing to suit branding needs and target audiences. Extremely punctual and adheres to the planned timelines. Would definitely recommend her services to anyone looking for good quality content writing where the writer takes ownership of the work and delivers on time!

Shantanu Mukul


Co-Founder, Pannal

Why Hire me?

You’re running a business, and you’ve got enough on your plate. 

You don’t want the hassle of micro-managing a freelance writer or guessing your way into copywriting.

That’s why you should hire me.

I come in with processes & a sense of responsibility that makes your life easy, and over two years of writing experience – an ax that I’ve sharpened every day.

From content strategy to copywriting – I’ve served clients in more than nine industries, and I’m excited to implement all that knowledge into YOUR business’ copies.

We discuss what you’re looking for, how my services could be of help, and how we can get impactful copies that generate results for your business.

Ready to take this forward?